Founded in 2012, Perfumista is the result of one man’s frustration with the perfume industry. Tired of smelling like the masses he set out to search for something more unique and personal. He was quickly disappointed.

With many of the niche and designer fragrances reluctant to give out samples, testing was proving difficult. And those that did give samples only wanted to give small vials which only permit one or maybe two wearing opportunities. Why do they do this? Well, the large corporate houses think that if you sample a fragrance and don’t like it you definitely won’t buy it. Whereas if you can’t obtain samples it adds to the mysticism, rarity and dare I say hype, around the fragrance and as a result you’re much more likely to buy a full bottle as a blind buy, thus greater revenue for their business.

Conversely, the smaller niche and boutique brands are often struggling to maintain costs and actually can’t afford the additional manufacturing and distribution process associated with sampling.

This is where Perfumista steps in

We provide samples of designer, niche and boutique fragrances in sizes that are more useable and allow you to make a more informed judgement. All of our fragrances are retail products and not testers so they’re exactly as you’d buy them in the high street and are produced directly from these bottles. There’s no watering down, mixing with cheaper alcohols or using counterfeit products – nothing.

We don’t aim to be the cheapest (we’re firm believers in that you get what you pay for – to a point) and we have no ambition to be the biggest but we do aim to be the best.