Trying to navigate the fragrance world can be confusing, overwhelming and potentially expensive. There are a multitude of different notes, design houses, designers and bottles that often cost in excess of £100. As a result, trying to find that fragrance that is ‘YOU’ could be time consuming, expensive and frustrating.

This is where Perfumista aims to help. We provide a bespoke sample service of rare, niche and designer fragrances that enables the wearer to make a more informed buying decision about a fragrance, or to just try a wide range of fragrances without incurring the usual cost. “So why don’t I just visit the store and sample them?” I hear you cry. Well, the simple truth is that samples often just aren’t available for rare or niche fragrances and when they are available they are often limited to a single millilitre or so. Alternatively, you may not live near a store that has the fragrance in stock. Trust us when we say that we can more than relate to the experience of visiting a department store in a city several hours away only to find they’re ‘out of stock’ or ‘don’t carry that line at this store’. All this conspires to limit the ability to road test a fragrance in the real world. By using our service, we give you better access to samples and also in greater volumes than you may otherwise be able to source as a sample from a store.

We aim to provide all our customers with access to a fast and quality service that rivals an “in store” experience. We strive to provide first class customer service and we guarantee the authenticity of all our fragrances and that they will be delivered to you pure and unadulterated. Absolutely NO imitations, knock-offs, or diluted products ever, we guarantee it! Above all, Perfumista is managed by enthusiasts for the benefit of enthusiasts.

(Disclaimer) All our samples are hand decanted from the original licensed design house fragrance. Decanted samples are not a licenced design house product. The customer will receive the original fragrance decanted into a vial.  Perfumista is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the brands whose products we supply.  Under no circumstances will we ever use, duplicate, or replicate in any way a brand logo or trademark when repackaging fragrances. All logos, banners and product descriptions relating to any brands remain the property of that brand.  The product we produce and offer, unless clearly stated, will be genuine fragrance in the packaging we supply. Only the fragrance itself is used from the original manufacturer with no infringement on intellectual property.  Perfumista will clearly display the products to which this disclaimer applies which are those assembled using genuine fragrance products manufactured by the original and intended property rights owner.