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A Midsummer Dream

From: £4.55
Concocted to entice the senses of both men and women alike, A Midsummer Dream by Roja Dove is an invigorating

Amber Extrait

From: £4.79
Roja Dove Amber Extrait. “Amber, a blend of exotic materials, crafted to give us a glimpse of the mysterious Orient.

Bergamot Extrait

From: £4.79
“I have always loved the elegance of Bergamot. With this creation I have created a scent which is as fresh

Danger Parfum

From: £4.79
Roja Dove Danger Parfum. Rich soft oriental Perfume. Fresh, sweet, warm, and sensual. Dare to seduce, A sensual bouquet of


From: £9.11
Roja Dove Diaghilev. The rich deep base of oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli, is warmed by a complex blend of sandal,

Enigma Pour Homme

From: £7.99
Roja Dove Enigma Pour Homme. The fragrance is rich, soft, warm, spicy, powdery and sensual. “The mystery of the name

Fetish Parfum

From: £7.99
Roja Dove Fetish Parfum

Fetish Pour Homme

From: £7.99
Roja Dove Fetish Pour Homme. “Beware, as I have created a perfume that once under its spell there is no

H – The Exclusive Aoud

From: £8.39
Roja Dove H. The Exclusive Aoud. “I created this collection for those who desire the finest -compromise and the ordinary

Mischief Parfum

From: £8.39
Roja Dove Mischief Parfum. A sweet, sensual floral from Roja Parfums. Warm and fresh. For the playful Mischief who loves

Musk Aoud Parfum

From: £9.99
Roja Dove Musk Aoud. Musk, and costly musk-like Ambrette, mingle with Oakmoss, Labdanum, Leather, leather-like Birch, and earthy Patchouli to

Neroli Extrait

From: £4.79
Roja Dove Neroli Extrait. We prize Neroli so highly as it is both fresh and sensual, masculine and feminine, sweet


From: £8.39
Roja Parfums OligarchA burst of citrus Bergamot, Lemon, and Lime is made aromatic by Maté, Lavender, and Thyme, where Champaca,

Reckless Pour Homme

From: £4.79
Roja Dove Reckless Pour Homme. Roja Dove imagined this fragrance for “an irresistible, dynamic man who always gets what he

Unspoken Parfum

From: £8.49
Roja Dove Unspoken Parfum. Whose heart does not flutter when someone catches their eye – a look that conveys so

Vetiver Extrait

From: £4.79
Roja Dove Vetiver Extrait. “Vetiver was inspired by the memory of the imprint of a lover’s scent on your skin