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Lady Rose Lion

From: £3.49
This scent started at an intriguing party, a celebration of the five senses, based on the Medieval tapestry series, The

Who Knew?

From: £3.49
Who Knew? started its life as an adventure, exploring perfumery materials which aren’t generally used together, just to see what

Babylon Sunset

From: £3.49
An unabashed throwback to the adventurous days of contemporary perfumery in the 1990’s, when bestselling scents were unapologetically, deliciously voluptuous.

Doe In The Snow

From: £3.49
Doe in the Snow was made for a special occasion one January, for a very special customer. It’s inspired by

Italian Bergamot

From: £3.49
A bold and iconic fragrance from Ermenegildo Zegna, Essenze Italian Bergamot eau de parfum is tailored around the brand’s signature

Mon Numero 10

From: £2.56
Mon Numéro 10 will join the permanent range of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s fragrances. Truly addictive, Mon Numéro 10, is an explosion

Iron Duke

From: £5.49
With Iron Duke Beaufort start a new series: ‘REVENANTS’, a collection of olfactory impressions of figures from Britain’s past. Characters

Roses and Chocolate

From: £2.49
Creators of Mancera wanted to father a very occidental brand with the intensity and the best ingredients of the Arab

Amber and Roses

From: £2.49
Richly resinous, deeply floral and intensely musky- Amber & Roses, from Mancera’s “Dark Desires” series, more than lives up to


From: £2.49
A beautiful chypre refreshed by soft marine notes lightened up by coconut and vanilla.

L’Eau Bleue D’Issey Eau Fraiche

From: £2.49
L’Eau Bleue Fraiche Pour Homme is a refreshing and sophisticated scent that begins with notes of bergamot, rosemary and mint


From: £3.99
“A hymn to the sensuality of a flower that was forbidden to young girls during the Renaissance. It was feared

Fruitchouli Flash

From: £4.99
A fine fruity floral on a warm and rich and musky patchouli base. The fruits: Apricot and peach, and yes:

Nawab of Oudh Intensivo

From: £9.49
Nawab of Oudh is, essentially, the spirit of a traditional Indian attar wrapped up in the format of a Western


From: £7.99
The hottest address in New York, Bond Street, inspired both the scent and the name of Bond No. 9’s elegant

Black Pepper

From: £3.49
Blackpepper is the pitch black of a starless sky rendered into perfume form. A perfect storm of “black” flavor molecules