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1804 George Sand

From £2.99
She was to become renowned through her androgynous pen name, George Sand. A writer of genius, great lover and committed,


From £4.49
Boadicea Alluring is a softly feminine fragrance structured around a core of blushing pink roses. Balms and resins from a

Aoud Damascus

From £2.99
This is a wonderful harmony of Arabian oud and beautiful rose of Damascus (Damascena). The misterious note of incense and

APOM Pour Femme

From £4.49
APOM is short for “A Piece of Me” – “a piece of oneself that one leaves on others”, says Francis

Bijou Romantique

From £3.49
The name comes from a line said by Hugo Pratt’s cult graphic novel hero, the half-gypsy sailor Corto Maltese, in

Couer de Fleur

From £3.49
Experience the romance of summer fruits and flowers with Miller Harris Coeur de Fleur, a delicate and feminine fragrance. Coeur

Eau De Lierre

From £2.99
Behind the sound of it simple name, Eau de Lierre, lies the ambiance of gardens where the unique perfumes of

Fetish Parfum

From £6.49
Roja Dove Fetish Parfum


From £4.49
Boadicea Intense. Extremely feminine, this fragrance is a luscious interpretation of the classic white flower perfumes. But it could also

Iris Poudre

From £4.99
Iris, Pierre Bourdon retained sweetness and elegance. Vanilla and tonka bean in greater comfort and sensuality; sandalwood and vetiver add their melodious

Jasmin Emperatrice Eugenie

From £3.59
Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie by Creed is a floral fragrance for women. This fragrance was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III for his wife, Empress

Jasmin Rouge

From £3.99
Voluptuous. Sensuous. Audacious. Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge fragrance is an alluringly spiced floral scent. An unexpected blend of precious sambac

Jubilee Bouquet

From £2.99
Originally created in 1977 in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Penhaligons Silver Jubilee, Jubilee Bouquet is a beguiling melody of green

La Tulipe

From £3.99
A graceful rendering of the scent of a single, perfect tulip. What’s that you say? You don’t recall tulips having


From £6.49
A place of pilgrimage and celebration, the ancient city of Lalibela in Ethiopa is known for its twelve stunning churches,

Le Jasmin

From £3.49
Miller Harris Le Jasmin Relive happy moments time and time again with the Miller Harris Perfumer’s Library Le Jasmin Eau

LP No. 9 (Female)

From £2.99
Created in 1998, Penhaligons LP No. 9 for ladies is potent and addictive brew of sweet floral notes, spices and

Mimosa & Cardamom

From £2.99
Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom. Mists of honeyed, golden mimosa float above the spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom. Creamy tonka

Mischief Parfum

From £6.49
Roja Dove Mischief Parfum. A sweet, sensual floral from Roja Parfums. Warm and fresh. For the playful Mischief who loves

Narcotic V

From £8.49
An intensely feminine fragrance which is romantic yet intoxicating, this Nasomatto perfume is perfect for lovers of rich tropical florals. This

Neroli Extrait

From £4.99
Roja Dove Neroli Extrait. We prize Neroli so highly as it is both fresh and sensual, masculine and feminine, sweet

Noix de Tubereuse

From £3.49
The intensity and sensuality of the tuberose bloom is the inspiration for the heady Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse scent.The

Olympia Music Hall

From £2.99
The famous Olympia Music Hall, located in the heart of Paris, was built by Bruno Coquatrix and went on to

Petit Fracas

From £3.99
Play the game of love with Petit Fracas de Robert Piguet eau de parfum. The scent has an audacious air,

Pluriel (Feminin)

From £4.49
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Pluriel. A beautiful creation composed of a multitude of facets, designed to evolve with freedom and sensuality,