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From: £3.49
Xerjoff Zefiro, Suggestive and elusive, Xerjoff’s 1861 Zefiro Eau De Parfum has the rare olfactory magic of an esoteric potion.


From: £3.49
Xerjoff Perfumes celebrates the 150 year anniversary of Italy’s unification with the release of XJ 1861. Bright citrus notes begin

Pikovyaya Dama

From: £8.99
Xerjoff Pikovyaya DamaA limited edition fragrance made in collaboration with The Nuance Group and a travel retail exclusive sold exclusively


From: £5.39
Xerjoff Nio Xerjoff describes Nio as “A refreshing walk through the south Italian countryside, ” and they couldn’t be more

Alexandria II

From: £9.99
Xerjoff Alexandria II. Exclusive to Fortnum & Mason, this is a luxurious, lingering fragrance from Italian perfumiers Zerjoff. Freshness comes from


From: £9.19
Xerjoff Jebel. Jebel by Xerjoff is a limited edition floral oriental fragrance for men and women that was launched in


From: £5.99
Xerjoff Mamluk. Mamluk is journey of profound depth as deep and resinous notes from the earth create a meditative and


From: £5.99
Xerjoff Zafar. An Italian perfume house making truly distinctive fragrances from excellent ingredients, Xerjoff long ago won our admiration with

Ivory Route

From: £4.55
Ivory Route by XerJoff is the club of extreme adventure and a place to which one returns after a trip


From: £4.55
Xerjoff Shunkoin. A cloud of white petals with pink nuances and velvety consistency, while all around wafts a delicate but