Oud Minerale


Tom Ford Oud Minerale

Vivid and exuberant, Oud Minerale is that rare fragrance as refreshing conceptually as it is on skin. By blending a precious form of oud with fresh, bracing marine notes, Tom Ford has created a new take on an ever-popular fragrance family, pairing deeply smoky, exquisitely dark wood notes with a sparkling, bracingly salty oceanic aura. As dark and light swirl together, a multitude of fascinating tonalities emerge, bitter and sweet, smoky and fresh, clean and dirty, resulting in a fragrance that, for all its complexity, never wears heavy. Rather, Oud Minerale feels sensual and adventurous, keeping us on the edge of the beach for each oncoming rush of the tide, leaning ever forward to capture the next elusive whiff. Tom Ford is almost singularly responsible for bringing the seductive mystery of oud to the Western fragrance palette- with Oud Minerale, he reinvents it once more.

Fragrance Description
StyleWoody Aquatic
Top NotesSea salt, Aquatic notes, Oud
Middle NotesPink Pepper
Base NotesStyrax, Seaweed

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