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Cassis En Feuille

From £3.49
Evoking the wildness of nature left to its own devices, Cassis en Feuille is a verdant explosion of leaves and


From £5.99
Diapason, noun: A grand swelling burst of harmony. An ambitious name for a music-inspired scent, but luckily, Sospiro fragrances do

Kashan Rose

From £2.99
Imagine a soft spicy scent, the freshness of the oasis, the sensuality of Oriental silk. Like a pure and precious


From £6.49
A arid tuberose as singularly inspired as the West Texas oasis whose name it bears. Marfa, the new scent from


From £6.49
Their days are spent secluded in camouflage, the intricate pattern of their wings disguising them against a coarse backdrop of

Pure eVe

From £2.99
Very simple and utterly beautiful. The inspiration for Pure Virgin was to create something as luxurious, comfortable and effortless as

Rose Noir

From £4.49
Some roses are best smelled in the dark. Rose Noir takes the innocence of a fresh Damascene rose and tramples

Super Cedar

From £4.49
Cedarwood, noble in both appearance and fragrance, looms large in the world of scent, lending strength, smooth sensuality, and evocative

Une Nuit Magnetique

From £2.99
Of Une Nuit Magnetique, perfumer Christina Nagel says “I have created this perfume as a magnet that physically attracts. The

Vetyverio EDP

From £4.49
Vetiver’s powerful woodiness gives it the immediate appeal of uncompromising virility. In Vetyverio, it does not become totally feminine, but