Armani Privé perfumes showcase unique, luxurious notes from the most precious natural ingredients.

Armani’s fragrances embody scents from around the world – Cuir Noir’s wild, smouldering leather scent captures an Arabian night, while Rose Alexandrie’s blend of soft, floral notes is inspired by a beloved flower.

Discover these luxurious, versatile fragrances for the confident man or woman.

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Acqua Di Gio Profumo

From £2.49
Acqua Di Giò Profumo is a fragrance born from volcanic rock and deep ocean waters. As a parfum it is

Bleu Lazuli

From £5.99
Enthused by Armani’s travels to exotic lands, Privé Bleu Lazuli intertwines luxurious ingredients of honeyed tobacco and floral osmanthus in

Bois D’Encens

From £5.49
Part of Giorgio Armani’s Priv̩e fragrance collection, Bois D’Encens possesses an extremely simplified composition with only five ingredients. Giorgio Armani’s

Code A-List

From £2.49
Code A-list, a seductive contemporary mens aftershave, is a limited edition within the Armani Code range. Code A-list fragrance lets

Code Profumo

From £2.49
Giorgio Armani introduces ‘Code Profumo’, the intense fragrance for men. Profumo, meaning perfume in Italian, is an intense, long lasting

Cuir Noir

From £5.49
Journey to the midst of an oriental night: Leather is an art. From Cordoba, Spain to the borders of the

Eau de Jade

From £4.49
Eau de Jade combines Calabria Bergamot with Tunisian Neroli, fruit and flowers echoing each other. At the heart, pepper from

Eclat de Jasmin

From £4.49
Giorgio Armani makes Eclat de Jasmin a hymn to the cherished flower, the song of joyous reunions, sunny, radiant, and

Figuier Eden

From £3.49
A Return to Paradise. Returning to the Garden of Eden, Giorgio Armani unlocks the aromatic secrets of the fig tree

Gardenia Antigua

From £3.49
Gardénia Antigua is an olfactory reinterpretation of Giorgio Armani’s own vision of the island of Antigua, his beloved paradise on

Jasmin Kusamono

From £3.49
Jasmin Kusamono is the expression of Giorgio Armani’s love for floral art and Kusamono, a Japanese floral composition technique inspired

Malachite Rouge

From £5.99
Giorgio Armani’s Rouge Malachite eau de parfum is an expression of Russia’s contrasting culture, with its mysterious, intoxicating power. The

Orangerie Venise

From £3.49
Blended from the rare natural ingredients from around the world, every Giorgio Armani Armani Privé fragrance whisks us away to

Oud Royal

From £5.49
Oud Royal showcases the precious and unique oud wood of Laos. This unique wood is more tantalising than gold. Mystical

Pierre De Lune

From £4.99
Pierre de Lune is a sensual, floral fragrance designed around the penetrating scent of cassia. Fresh woody notes and soft

Pivoine Suzhou

From £3.49
Taken from Giorgio Armani’s Les Eaux collection, this Prive Pivoine Suzhou eau de toilette is a celebration of harmony and

Rose Alexandrie

From £3.49
Rose Alexandrie showcases the Centifolia rose of France, in the spirit of the gardens of Alexandria. This fragranced water was

Rose D’Arabie

From £5.49
Rose D’Arabie showcases the damascena rose of turkey. An ingredient that, for Giorgio Armani, perfectly embodies confident sensuality: it echoes

Rose Milano

From £3.49
Rose Milano is a haute couture unisex fragrance imagined by Giorgio Armani as a tribute to Milan, a city that

Thé Yulong

From £3.49
Thé Yulong is a unique aromatic combination of black tea and green tea extracts that takes you on a sensory

Vetiver Babylone

From £3.49
Part of the haute couture Armani Priv̩ fragrance collection, V̩tiver Babylone, Giorgio Armani presents a loving tribute to the nature