The greatest stories and adventures are often born of an encounter. Ours was this desire to create differently and express a personal vision of French Haute Parfumerie. Jean-Philippe developed the idea of this unique perfume workshop during his years of experience in rare products.

A fragrance house dedicated to precious essences and the most exclusive and fascinating raw materials. Recognised perfumer and heir of a long tradition, Marie was responsible for each of our creations. Five magnetic, passionate, elegant and sophisticated fragrances.

Jean-Christophe, our gilder artist has toured the world to restore monumental palaces to their former glory or to magnify contemporary creations. Today, he instills his unique expertise and talent within each of our creations.

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Bois Sikar

From £4.99
With Atelier des Ors founder Jean-Philippe Clermont’s background in the world of high-end cigars, a fragrance that combined these passions

Choeur Des Anges

From £4.99
Choeur des Anges is a poetic celebration of color, scent and joie de vivre fused with blood oranges, carrot seeds,

Cuir Sacre

From £4.99
Cuir Sacré – sacred leather – by Atelier Des Ors shows us a summer day in the old town of

Larmes Du Desert

From £4.99
Alive with exotic mysticism, Larmes du Désert by Atelier des Ors is a smoky, spicy amber that glows like the

Lune Feline

From £4.99
There’s nothing more alluring than defying expectations, and that’s exactly what Lune Féline by Atelir des Ors does with exotic

Nuda Veritas

From £4.99
An indelible lightness of being lies at the heart of Nuda Veritas, the beginning of the spiritual quest of the

Riveria Drive

From £4.99
The mythical scenic drive along the coastline of the French Riviera, so vividly captured in Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief,

Rose Omeyyade

From £4.99
Bewitching, beautiful, and a touch too beguiling to be completely safe, Rose Omeyyade is the very definition of a secret