Bortnikoff is a niche perfumery brand founded by Dmitry Bortnikov in 2017. “The Journey into the world of olfactory compositions began with Feel-Oud. When creating the Brand, great attention was paid to the components. The task was finding the rarest and most unusual materials to work with. Materials like Beaver castoreum from Russia, butter of the wild Vietnamese agarwood, real white ambergris of the Atlantic sperm whale, white Indonesian Rosa hybrid and other multiple recipes that families have kept a secret for generations.

Additionally, all Bortnikoff perfumes are released in a limited series, not as a tribute to fashion, but as an association with 85% to 100% natural ingredients in our natural perfumes. A composition that cannot be repeated, a scent that cannot be recreated. It is impossible to find trees with the same smell and equally to distil them. Each piece will have its own unique aroma and will differ in smell depending on the season, the amount of precipitation and the air temperature during flowering.

In our perfumes, the number of components reaches 50, and this makes it impossible to recreate meaning all our collections are unique. And with the complexity and high cost that comes with the craft, we still guarantee the best quality for connoisseurs of high-class perfumes making Bortnikoff the ultimate brand.” – a note from the brand.

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Vetiver Nocturne (Feb 2019)

From £11.99
If you think that you 100% aware of how vetiver can and should smell, you’re probably wrong. This note requires