Fragrance Du Bois is a luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature, and crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th Century French tradition of Grasse.

At the heart of all Fragrance Du Bois’ creations is their signature Oud that exudes the ultimate in luxury, being both distinctive and unique. Oud is derived from the dark resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree, and the resin occurs in less than 7% of the trees in the wild. Pure Oud is therefore extremely precious, and due to illegal logging, wild resources have been severely depleted. Since 2004, all species of the Aquilaria tree have been protected under the CITES convention.

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London Oud

From £10.49
Too good not to share! That’s what former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion David Haye, said to Fragrance du Bois when

Oud Bleu Intense

From £10.49
Oud Bleue Intense does indeed have a strangely “blue” vibe to it. Bracing and intense, its mixture of marine air,

Oud Noir Intense

From £10.49
Unlike the majority of orientals called “intense” or “noir”, Oud Noir Intense actually lives up to its name. Weaving jasmine

Oud Rose Intense

From £10.49
Oud Rose Intense is a sensual, sweet and intoxicating perfume made by Hamid Merati Keshani. Its heady scent captures the

Oud Rouge Intense

From £11.49
There is something incredibly sexy about Oud Rouge Intense. At first glance, the notes seem minimalistic. But put it on

Oud Vert Intense

From £10.49
Who says oud scents can’t be fresh? We’re not talking about overly sharp, synthetic oud scents with nary a drop

Patchouli Argent

From £5.99
Compellingly soft, breathtakingly elegant, Patchouli Argent is a patchouli scent that demonstrates the subtlety and versatility of its oft-maligned namesake.

Petales de Cashmere

From £4.99
A celebration of luxurious softness, Petales de Cashmere is an elegant floral of dreamlike comfort. Bright, luscious citrus meld into