Kilian Hennessy…if the last name rings a bell, your instinct is right. Kilian is the heir to a long line of French cognac makers which bear his name. By Kilian fragrances follow that time-honored tradition of you get what you pay for…go for the best and you’ll never be disappointed.

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Back to Black

From £5.49
When you call your scent “aphrodisiac”, you’d better be fairly sure you’re not overreaching yourself. This latest release from By

Gold Knight

From £5.49
Inspired by the dashing, golden-armored chevalier in Gustav Klimt’s 1902 Beethoven Frieze, By Kilian’s Gold Knight flows with a similar


From £5.49
No coffee tastes as good as it smells: but this sublime fragrance tantalizes the senses. Addicts crave a substance either

Liaisons Dangereuses

From £5.49
By Kilian intends Liaisons to be one of the two unisex fragrances— and it hits that perfect middle ground of

Love (Dont Be Shy)

From £5.49
Kilian says the inspiration of Love (Don’t Be Shy) was the marshmallow…a mouth watering treat for sensuous connoisseurs. It’s sweet

Single Malt

From £5.49
Single Malt is an homage to whisky and the London dwellers who’ve imbibed the prized brown alcohol for hundreds of

Smoke For The Soul

From £5.49
The bitter breath of psychotropic tobacco; a flirtation with the forbidden, an escape into the soothing stupefaction of the sweet-sharp

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi

From £5.49
Lush, seductive, and more than a little dangerous, Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi is a fragrance of nocturnal temptations, where the

Woman In Gold

From £5.49
The Austrian Mona Lisa glows not with an ambiguous smile, but in gorgeous golden patterns, motifs, and flushed rosy cheeks.