The main feature of the MONTALE perfumes is their love of scents from the Orient and Arabia, through their enchanted history.

Perfumers from all around the world have chosen precious Woods, Frankincense, Balsam, Amber, Aoud, Roses and a thousand other wonderful scents. They make the MONTALE perfumes happiness ointments or love potions.

Long time ago, in the court of the kings and sultans, Aouds, as millenary and mysterious ointments, were said to be aphrodisiac. They keep giving refinement, strength and fragrance to those scents coming from the depths of time.

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Aoud Damascus

From £2.99
This is a wonderful harmony of Arabian oud and beautiful rose of Damascus (Damascena). The misterious note of incense and

Aoud Samarkand

From £2.99
The scent contains aromas of citruses, geranium, labdanum and oud. Montale Aoud Samarkand.

Black Aoud

From £2.99
When Pierre Montale returned to Paris from Saudi Arabia, where he had been creating perfumes for the royal family, he

Blue Amber

From £2.99
Crisp and dynamic hesperidic notes combined with Italian Bergamot and Bourbon Geranium. The heart of the scent is composed of

Intense Cafe

From £2.99
Montale Intense Cafe. Do you ever find yourself lingering in the coffee aisle at the grocery store? Taking in deep

Mango Manga

From £2.99
Montale Mango Manga is sweet, exotic and bathed in the sun. This cheerful juicy composition encompasses fruity energy of ripe

Vanille Absolu

From £2.99
Smooth and sweet, silky and enveloping, Montale Vanille Absolu is everything you could ever desire in an upscale vanilla: swirly

Vetiver Patchouli

From £2.99
With so much attention paid to Montale’s rich, complex florientals and gourmands, it’s easy to forget how well they do