In the early fifties of the 20th century, the desire to create something special and important emerged in a charming rural village in southern Italy – Sant’Elena Sannita. This enterprising spirit led the Durante family to Rome, the right place for dreams to come true. And thus they opened their first store devoted to luxury in personal care. in 1996 the founders’ grandchildren decided to give life to their professional passion, and created their own olfactory concept: PROFVMVM ROMA The creation of unconventional smells related to their feelings, emotions, and the personal experience of breaking away from the current rules in the world of perfumes.

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Acqua Di Sale

From £5.49
The soothing thunder of waves crashing against the shore, the tang of briny air, salt and sand and shells— it’s

Acqua Viva

From £5.49
Find a lemon tree, pick a brilliant yellow fruit still warm from the sunshine, give it a gentle squeeze to

Aquae Nobilis

From £5.49
Ancient and mysterious offerings line the shelves of a sun soaked apothecary. A braid of sweet vetiver grass trapped under


From £5.49
Sumptuously smooth, seductively spicy, Audace lives up to its name by delivering a woodsy, aromatic vetiver scent with attitude to

Dulcis in Fundo

From £5.49
This opens with a very fresh, very sweet orange, like a clementine being peeled, complete with the tangy sharpness of


From £5.49
Fumidus means smoky, and smoky it is. The smokiness of aged Laphroaig scotch served neat, It is also earthy –

Rosae Mundi

From £5.49
Sometimes a rose fragrance can take a quiet and docile path, blushing and giggling with an innocent and soapy freshness.


From £5.49
An uplifting scent as crisp and refreshing as a cool wind whipping across an open field. The scintillating pink pepper

Volo AZ 686

From £5.49
Nothing less than the flight Rome to Caracas. The final destination of a holiday are the tropics, that bewitch us