Sospiro is a fragrance brand founded by Sergio Momo, creator of Xerjoff and other luxury fragrance lines. The artistic idea behind Sospiro is to connect a perfume collection that has Italian or Mediterranean backgrounds to another form of art—the art of classical music and theatrical opera.

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From £5.49
This royal blend starts with an unpredictable combination of white flowers and colourful fruits for a joyful and intense sensation.


From £5.49
Sospiro’s Ensemble Eau De Parfum is an ode to Eros. Smell the bergamot from Calabria blend with the Spanish mandarin

Erba Gold

From £5.99
Sospiro’s Erba Gold eau de parfum entrances on first sight thanks to its gold velvet and gold-plated cup and label.

Erba Pura

From £5.99
Sospiro Erba Pura is a delicious and modern blend of Mediterranean citrus and sweet fruits, layered over a warm and


From £5.49
As mysterious as its name, Misterioso is an opulent fragrance, with pronounced woody notes of wonderfully complemented by exotic frankincense


From £5.99
The relationship between muse and artist is that of brush and hand, light and lens, fuel and engine- one provides

Verde Accento

From £5.99
Standing atop the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, the Verde Accento eau de parfum villa is surrounded by a cascading


From £5.99
Sospiro Wardasina, which translates as “small rose”, is a stark and mysterious scent. A blend of smouldering and exotic herbs