Strangers Parfumerie is another grooving playground for experiment additional approaches with finest quality of raw materials. With reduced unnecessary expenses so customers can expected the exceptional creations at a reasonable price. Founded by Prin Lomros in 2017

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Burning Ben

From £5.99
Burning Ben belongs to Prin Lomros’ LGBTQ series, and was inspired by a subtle moment in the South Korean movie

Cigar Rum

From £5.99
The name – Cigar Rum – is a bit on the nose. But the scent itself? A surprisingly delicate and


From £5.99
Oliver is an original take on the aromatic herbs and citrus freshness of the traditional eau de cologne. At first,

Salted Green Mango

From £5.99
Salted Green Mango is utterly unique, and dare we say it, one of Strangers Parfumerie’s best. There are green fragrances,

Sangre Dulce

From £5.99
Sangre Dulce is a weird and yet completely wearable gourmand idea born out of Prin Lomros’ love for two specific

Wicked John

From £5.99
“A man of focus, commitment, and sheer f***g will. He’s not the boogieman. He’s the guy you send to kill