Jan Ahlgren, founder, was born in Sweden to an American mother and a Swedish father. Over a decade ago, he left his hometown to move to Paris and began a nomadic period, traveling throughout Europe and working in the fashion industry. Three years ago, Jan relocated to New York, where he fell in love with the city and a girl, now his wife and Vilhelm partner.

While seeking out the immense talents of Jerome Spruce, a master perfumer.

Jan was inspired by the old practice of glove makers of imbuing leather with scent, and enlisted Jerome to craft such a scent. After this propitious first collaboration, Jan could not think of anything else. He was captivated by the power of scent to elicit, capture and convey emotion. Marrying his love of design with his ever-growing passion for scent, Vilhelm Perfumery was born.

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125th & Bloom

From £4.49
Arching above the entrance of formidable brownstones or flourishing in secret backyard oases, here are the flowers of Harlem. Follow

Basilico & Felini

From £4.49
Inspired by filmmaking maestro Frederico Fellini and his curious culinary habits, Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Basilico & Fellini eau de parfum is

Black Citrus

From £4.49
The triumph of London rain. A sudden shower cooling the air: the romantic smell of London after a rainsquall when

Chicago High

From £4.49
Structured like classic early 20th century perfumes, Chicago High takes you for a sparkling cocktail of champagne and pineapple infused

Dear Polly

From £4.49
Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly Eau de Parfum is a love letter in scent designed especially for the perfumer’s wife. Black

Fleur Burlesque

From £4.49
Unflinching, exquisite femininity, Vilhelm Parfumerie Fleur Burlesque Eau de Parfum is inspired by the la belle époque, a woman, alive

Modest Mimosa

From £4.49
A flower with contradictions: Mimosas close protectively if disturbed but the plant takes root tenaciously. Vilhelm Parfumerie has created a

Moon Carnival

From £4.49
His love was a dancer whose golden skin held the scent of passion who loved tuberose more than any other

Opus Kore

From £4.49
In Greek mythology, Kore, or as she is more commonly called, Persephone, is a goddess associated with spring and fertility.

Purple Fig

From £4.49
Evoking memories of treasured moments, feelings and emotions in his life to date, Vilhelm Perfumerie’s founder Jan Ahlgren takes the

Smoke Show

From £4.49
The Jazz Soul. Vibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone: an evocative cocktail brings alive the energetic