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Angeliques Sous La Pluie

From: £3.70
Inspired by the fleeting whiff of an angelica bouquet gathered after the rain, Jean-Claude Ellena’s creation plays out like a

Carnal Flower

From: £4.55
Carnal Flower. With tuberose, nature offers her own take on dramatic olfactive clashes. Dominique Ropion’s third creation for Editions De

Cologne Indelebile

From: £3.70
A clean, yet surprisingly magnetic scent. A modern yet traditional Eau de Cologne that lasts for hours on end. Dominique

Eau De Magnolia

From: £3.70
A gloriously cool, transparent and refreshing scent inspired by the bewitching magnolia, one of the oldest and most mysterious flowers

Iris Poudre

From: £3.70
Iris, Pierre Bourdon retained sweetness and elegance. Vanilla and tonka bean in greater comfort and sensuality; sandalwood and vetiver add their melodious

Musc Ravageur

From: £3.70
When only a sophisticated, grown-up fragrance will do, reach for Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur for its explosive combination of bergamot,

Music For A While

From: £4.55
At a party on Paris’ rive gauche, a woman’s fur coat is lifted from her bare shoulders, exposing her neck

Noir Epices

From: £3.70
Composed by Michel Roudnitska, the ambiguous scent of Frerderic Malle Noir Epices perfume takes you on a journey to the


From: £3.70
Frederic Malle has always admired Sophia Grojsman. She was the perfumer he coveted most outside of those of the prestigious

Portrait of a Lady

From: £4.55
Baroque perfume, symphonic and sumptuous, Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady is the culmination of hundreds of essays and certainly


From: £4.55
Frederic Malle celebrates two precious varieties of rose in the Promise Eau de Parfum. A harmonious blend of rose essence


From: £4.55
Capturing the elusive, unidentifiable scent of a woman’s dress in collaboration with Alber Elbaz, Frederic Malle’s ever-myserious Superstitious eau de

The Night

From: £11.39
“I have been fascinated with the scents of sophisticated people from the Middle East ever since I was a teenager,