Penhaligon's is a British perfumery established in 1870 by William Penhaligon. Originating as a barbershop, Penhaligon's offered its first fragrance in 1872, Hammam Bouquet. The fragrance was inspired by the neighbouring Turkish bath and its sulphurous steam. The company's best-selling fragrance, 1902's Blenheim Bouquet, created at the request of the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace, broke with the prevailing floral trends of its day to enchant with zesty citrus, spices and woods.

Scents were issued regularly from the original shop on Jermyn Street, until it was destroyed in The Blitz of 1941. The shop disappeared, but the fragrances of the company endured, and in 1956, Penhaligon's was granted a Royal Warrant by the Duke of Edinburgh for the manufacturing of toiletries.

Interest in the company was renewed with the opening of a new Penahligon's flagship store in Covent Gardens, in 1975. The flagship store represented a new direction for the company as well, with the old formulas composed by William Penhaligon being resurrected, and new floral scents designed to appeal to a modern female customer. Chief among these was 1978's Bluebell, which remains a best-seller for the company today.

The company was granted a second Royal Warrant in 1988, by the Princess of Wales.

Many of the original scents created by William Penhaligon were modernized and re-introduced as part of the "Anthology Collection." The company maintains its commitment to fine, traditional perfume ingredients and techniques. 

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Penhaligons ArtemisiaCreated in 2002, Artemisia is both floral and fruity with a beautifully sensual..


As Sawira

Penhaligons As SawiraWhen sensual (over) indulgence calls, it’s time to explore a souk! Essaoiura, a..


Blenheim Bouquet

Penhaligons Blenheim BouquetA masterpiece of tailoring. A citrus cologne, with architecture far more..



Penhaligons CastileCastile is a classic citrus shot through with the intoxicating thrill of neroli. ..



Penhaligons DouroCreated in 1911, this elegant cologne was created for Sir Percy Croft of the Croft ..



Penhaligons ElixirCreated in 2008, Elixir opens with eucalyptus and the harmonising hot spices of ca..



Penhaligons EndymionCreated in 2003, Endymion is a sensual fusion of citrus, spices and leather. It ..


English Fern

Penhaligons English FernCreated in 1910, English Fern is a completely unique, fresh and earthy tonic..


Extract of Limes

Penhaligons Extract of LimesExtract of Limes is shattered sherbet and blossom honey. A classic citru..



Penhaligons HalfetiHalfeti draws inspiration from the lavish goods traded with Turkey: exotic floral..


Hammam Bouquet

Penhaligons Hammam BouquetInspired by the scent of the Turkish Baths on Jermyn Street, Piccadilly, H..


Jubilee Bouquet

Penhaligons Jubilee BouquetOriginally created in 1977 in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee,..


Juniper Sling

Penhaligons Juniper SlingJuniper Sling is an intoxicating fragrance inspired by the most iconic and ..


LP No. 9 (Female)

Penhaligons Lp No 9 FemaleCreated in 1998, LP No. 9 for ladies is potent and addictive brew of sweet..


LP No. 9 (Male)

Penhaligons LP No 9 MaleCreated in 1999, LP No. 9 for Men casts a spell of powdered darkness with it..