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Eau De Minthe

From: £3.99
Invented in 1882 with the release of Houbigant’s Fougere Royale, the distinctively fresh, classically masculine fougere is a stalwart of

Hermessence Epice Marine

From: £4.49
“This fragrance is the result of an encounter between a man who works by his sense of taste and one

Monsieur Beauregard

From: £5.49
“Our French friend” is how this unknown but over-familiar houseguest Monsieur Beauregard is typically introduced. His lingering gaze lets you


From: £4.49
Xerjoff Naxos. The most passionate and sensual area of a country that has never lacked for either, Sicily is a

Tea Tonique

From: £3.49
A truly masterful and instantly uplifting tea fragrance, Tea Tonique is inspired by a trip to a tea plantation: early

The Afternoon of a Faun

From: £3.49
The faun awakes, and contemplates his morning’s encounters with some nymphs. His pursuit of the alluring creatures takes on libidinous


From: £4.49
Xerjoff Zefiro, Suggestive and elusive, Xerjoff’s 1861 Zefiro Eau De Parfum has the rare olfactory magic of an esoteric potion.