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APOM Pour Femme

From: £4.99
APOM is short for “A Piece of Me” – “a piece of oneself that one leaves on others”, says Francis

Basil & Neroli

From: £2.99
Quintessentially British brand Jo Malone London takes inspiration from its namesake city with this cologne. Warm and herby top notes

Carnal Flower

From: £5.99
Carnal Flower. With tuberose, nature offers her own take on dramatic olfactive clashes. Dominique Ropion’s third creation for Editions De

Choeur Des Anges

From: £4.99
Choeur des Anges is a poetic celebration of color, scent and joie de vivre fused with blood oranges, carrot seeds,

Couer de Fleur

From: £3.49
Experience the romance of summer fruits and flowers with Miller Harris Coeur de Fleur, a delicate and feminine fragrance. Coeur

Danger Parfum

From: £4.79
Roja Dove Danger Parfum. Rich soft oriental Perfume. Fresh, sweet, warm, and sensual. Dare to seduce, A sensual bouquet of


From: £5.99
Diapason, noun: A grand swelling burst of harmony. An ambitious name for a music-inspired scent, but luckily, Sospiro fragrances do

Eau De Magnolia

From: £3.99
A gloriously cool, transparent and refreshing scent inspired by the bewitching magnolia, one of the oldest and most mysterious flowers


From: £4.49
Velvet-smooth with balsamic extracts of African costus, a resinous, spicy plant related to ginger which was prized for its fragrance

Fetish Parfum

From: £7.99
Roja Dove Fetish Parfum

Fleur D’Oranger 27

From: £4.49
Le Labo Fleur D’Oranger 27. Three years in production, Le Labo’s ode to orange blossom might be the most sublimely

Harem Rose

From: £6.99
A soliflore is a big test for a young perfume house- when the adornments of complicated genres and endless ingredient

Hermessence Iris Ukiyoe

From: £3.99
Hermes Iris Ukiyoe. Bright and delicate, Iris Ukiyoé interprets the virtually unknown fragrances of the iris flower.

Iris 39

From: £4.49
Iris connoisseurs know that iris can be a diva: silky and elegant one moment and distanced and intellectual the next.

Jonquille de Nuit

From: £3.99
Tom Ford Jonquille De Nuit. Heady. Hypnotic. Sensual. Jonquille de Nuit taunts the delicate narcissus flower to shed its sweetness

La Tulipe

From: £3.99
A graceful rendering of the scent of a single, perfect tulip. What’s that you say? You don’t recall tulips having